The Company

Velos Trading company is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and was founded back in January 2015. Velos operates as an agency of the already established Jordanian Qaisieh Trading Company based in Amman which for the past 15 years delivers greek fruits, vegetables and other food products to major distributors and wholesalers in the Arab countries.

Our newly formed agency targets markets in countries such as the ones of Asia, Arabia, West and Central Europe.

We are exporting Greek and European food products including fresh fruits, rice, olive oil, olives, cheese,
tomato paste, jams. Our product portfolio is continuously growing based on the needs
of our dedicated customers. We are constantly exploring and evaluating the market 
in order to offer products that match your needs and exceed your expectations. As we are based in Thessaloniki
northern Greece, we are just a footstep away from all Balkan countries including Serbia,
Bulgaria, Albania etc. so we can offer a broader range in qualities and prices in
products such as sunflower oil, cereals and packed pastry delicacies.


We are looking for long-time
partnerships with
our customers
so we strive to
make them happy



Our team of highly
motivated professionals will:

Choose the best producers and the best processing methods to ensure quality

Look for the best price/quality ratio in your requested products

Hand pick all fruit products and oversee the entire packaging and loading process

Prepare all shipping documents and gather essential certificates

Be punctual and available for you 24/7



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